Monday, January 7, 2008

Links of Love (Apologies to John Updike)

After a thirteen and a half hour drive back from H-town yesterday, I'm still a bit woozy. But that didn't stop me from getting up at 5:50 a.m. this morning to go on a hunt for Fix-a-Flat (returning home last night, I discovered our Suburban left in the garage had a flat tire) so I could get back home in time for Beck to leave for her first day back at work and to give Macy a bath before her first day back at school. Hurrah for weariness.
I've already unpacked two suitcases. By my estimation, that leaves about four thousand (give or take) left, not including the ginormous tub holding the girls' Christmas gifts from family.

It was a productive vacation for me, writing wise. I didn't finish revising the Jesus book, but I got a heckuva lot done in it, and with only 3 chapters left to revise, I should be done by the end of the week. I will then send out copies to my trusted reader-reviewers for feedback while I whip up a proposal to accompany the manuscript, which I hope to get to my very patient agent (who sent me chocolates for Christmas -- hurrah for chocolates!) by the end of the month. If you'd like to help me out by reading the manuscript for me (constructive criticism demonstrating having read the whole thing required), shoot me an e-mail: jaredcwilson AT yahoo DOT com. Please don't get your feelings hurt if I don't reply. Could be I don't feel I know you well enough or some such thing. A book "in process" is a delicate thing. :-) But don't be shy about asking if you're interested.

With a stack of cases and boxes to unpack, loads of clothes to wash, toys and art supplies to put away, an Element message to write, a book to finish, and Grace to play with, it's going to be a crazy week. But! I have coffee.

And you, faithful readers. I'm back blogging, and so here are a few links to get your new year started off right . . .

Allelon conversation between Sally Morgenthaler and Alan Roxburgh on "worship evangelism" and the problem with Sunday morning catch-alls (shot by friend of GDC, Bill Kinnon of Achievable Ends)

The Internet Monk on uber-blogger Tim Challies' book and bloggers who become "real" writers. (If The Unvarnished Jesus gets published, I hope Steve Camp trashes me too.)

A consistent, reliable, and indispensable resource for links to gospel-centered blogging is Milton Stanley's Transforming Sermons. Read it, bookmark it, add the RSS feed to your blog reader, etc. TS is one of my absolute favorite blogs (if I did a top 10 -- heck, top 5 -- it'd be on it). As such, I should mention to Milton that his frequent linking to my stuff over the last few weeks has been a great honor. Including me in his regular roundup of blogospheric highlights does my heart good. Thanks, Milton.

Another blog I can't surf without is Bob Spencer's In the Clearing. Bob has some good resolutions for the new year.

Timmy Brister graciously included GDC in his Top 5 "gospel-centered blogs" list. Thanks, brother!

Finally, if you're a reader (dare I say a fan?) of The Thinklings, we have some pretty big changes coming to the blog soon. Stay tuned . . .

Happy surfing!


Jen said...

Welcome home and happy new year!

Milly said...

Welcome back. Glad the holidays went well.
I'm looking forward to purchasing your book. Yep I want to walk into the store and loudly ask for it making it known how great it is. I'll think about having you autograph it if I can ever get your way or send it to you to send back. It's a must for me to buy a copy.

Milton Stanley said...

You're welcome, Jared! And, my goodness, thanks for the kind words about TS. Peace.

Milton Stanley said...

And thanks, too, for the good links you offer here.