Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Why Preaching is Vital in New England

(It's always vital everywhere, but you know what I mean.)

Have you heard the joke about the New England father? He was so moved by his family -- so in love with his dutiful, faithful wife; so proud and thankful for his hardworking, respectable sons; so taken with and enchanted by his daughters -- that he almost told them so.


Jon Clayton said...

It is vital everywhere, but living in Enfield, CT and pastoring in Springfield, MA I DO know what you mean.......

Anonymous said...


I've heard that the culture is quite different north of the Mason-Dixon Line. It seems like you're using hyperbole, but maybe not.

Any insights as to why folks are so guarded in New England?


Jared said...

Lots of theories. It's a cultural thing, sure, and certainly stereotypical. There are exceptions.

Some think it connects to Puritan roots, but what history really shows us of the Puritans is not dour or unaffectionate. Some connect it to the Scandanavian/Norwegian kind of background. (The person who told me this "joke" said it's sometimes called the Norwegian father joke.) Some say it's just part of the blue collar/rural/farmer kind of ethos. "Men of few words" and all that.

Just part of the culture.

Guarded is a good word, actually. New Englanders aren't typically unfriendly or mournful. They're just not effusive. They are largely doers, not sayers.

But I can tell you this "My dad/husband never said I love you" is a real problem here (as I know it is elsewhere too).

David said...

I am New England Father that by the power of the Holy Spirit is saying I love you daily to my family and loving it. Guess what, people are noticing and now ask how to do the same. That is evangelism in the streets and on the farms of New England. God is afoot here and He is going to take back the territory with great preaching from you and others. God Bless Jared and all the other New England preachers not afraid to preach the entire Word of God.