Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Not How It's Supposed to Work, I Don't Think

My only slightly changed re-creation of a blog comment exchange I read today:

Critic 1: We should live radically, like the Acts 2 church.

Critic 2: So I suppose you live on a farm, huh?

Critic 1: Actually, I do live on a farm. Your church should be radical.

Critic 2: I'm a missionary in a poor foreign nation.

[Awkward Silence]

I think to myself: Allrighty, then.

I wonder if this is what Paul meant about consuming each other. Like a snake eating its tail or something.

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Dan said...

Greetings Jared,
thanks for the post and blog. I just found out about you via J.Taylor's covering of your review on Platt's "Radical together." Thanks for the helpful review as I prepare to read it. Great to know your here in NE... didn't know there were Christians in Vermont! Seriously, I'm a pastor down here in Hampton Falls, NH great to have a brother proclaiming truth in the area!
Grace and Peace