Friday, March 11, 2011

It's My Preferentosity to Make Up Words

So one of my homiletical idiosyncrasies is apparently the making up of words. One of our ladies even keeps a log of the words I use in sermons that she deems "Jared originals." She plans to make a little booklet someday. (I hope it will just be a little booklet!) Last week she took issue with three words, two of which I argued were actual words, all three of which turns out are. They were radicality, salvific, and doxological. That last one I was especially peeved that she would challenge :-), and I was willing to trade radicality's made-up-ness for doxological's legitimacy until it turned out radicality is an actual word too.

Others have not carried such veracity. From past sermons, they include:


And the one people seem to remember the most, for which I've taken the most ribbing:


A favorite from last Sunday's sermon:



cjbooth85 said...

My enjoyification of your interweblogospherical thought-post was huge-ifically magnificated by your expertified lexiconographical geniusity.

And I say that as un-nuanced-ly as possible...

Jared said...

See? "Un-nuanced-ly." It's a thing!

Philip said...

OK, that's awesome!

Jeremy Pierce said...

Behavioristically is fine, as long as you're describing how a behaviorist would do something. If you just mean behavioral, then it's the wrong word. But it certainly is a word. Philosophers use it all the time.

Mike said...

That's great stuff! One of my peeves is with a pastor friend who simply mispronounces words...simular instead of similar; or nucular instead of nuclear, etc hahahaha

I'll keep visiting...I like your stuff! (found you through the crossway website)