Wednesday, April 28, 2010

New Facebook Page

Every week I get a fresh round of Facebook friend requests from people I've never heard of. Usually we have mutual friends, but the mutual friends are also writer/speaker/blogger folks, so I assume most of these requests are from readers of the blog, the tweets, the books, or what-have-you. And this is cool.

I am glad to connect with all peeps, but I'm seeing the increasing need to not have all my personal Facebook stuff -- family pics, etc. -- out there for everybody's perusal. I know there's ways to strategically establish privacy, but this is more maintenance than I care to involve myself with and more time on Facebook than I care to spend.

Since Facebook has now phased out the "fan page" terminology, I've taken that as an opportunity to create a separate Facebook portal for my "professional" self. I hope all my friends -- real and virtual and everywhere in between -- will "Like" it. Find me here.

I'll do publishing/speaking updates from there, and do some giveaways every now and then from the friends list, etc, so don't be shy.

And if we are current Facebook friends but we don't really know each other any other way, I hope you will not be offended if I "unfriend" you from my personal page. It's nothing personal. I appreciate your readership a lot. Let's stay connected at the new page, 'kay?

1 comment:

ken stoll said...

not offended, just gonna miss your comments on your page... you say the funniest and most profound things.