Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Gospel in Marriage Counseling

There is a good post over at Counseling Solutions today on bringing the gospel to bear in a marriage counseling situation, especially when the couple assumes the gospel is the ABC's of life and now they need some "better" help.

An excerpt:
Let’s suppose that you really do understand the Gospel and that your understanding is something deeper and broader than the casual, average, run-of-the-mill understanding that any person who has ever been associated with Christianity possesses. The following is a short list of attitudes and behaviors you should demonstrate:

* Daily amazement at what has happened to them.
* Daily gratitude for what has happened for them.
* Joyful awareness that their greatest problem in life has been resolved.
* Overwhelmed by hope because they now know that no problem is too big for God.
* Sobered awareness of what they were: amazed awareness of God’s mercy.
* Serving others is their first thought, as it pertains to behavior.
* Hope, joy, care, encouragement, gratitude, and kindness are the characteristics of their lives.
* Tearfulness is a normal response as they think of Christ and what he did for them.
* Gospel-centered-motivations shape what they do.
* Radically transformed from the inside out.
* Uninhibited in their transparency with others.

Unfortunately the descriptors above do not describe Jeremy and Carol . . .

HT: Together 4 Adoption's Dan Cruver


Anonymous said...

The list of attitudes and behaviors are good prayer requests for yourself and your loved ones and all the world! said...

I just finished a great series on Marriage from David Guzik (a Calvary Chapel guy) it was seriously great here is a link to the audio, all his commentaries are free.