Monday, August 3, 2009

Pray for Darrin Patrick

Please be in prayer for Darrin Patrick, Pastor of The Journey Church in St. Louis and VP of the Acts 29 Church Planting Network. He suffered a brown recluse spider bite last week that has gone awry and has resulted in a staph infection his doctors are worried the antibiotics are not being effective against.
Darrin's wife is also in the third trimester of her pregnancy, so she doesn't need the stress.

I know Darrin mentioned something about amputation on his Twitter feed last week, but at first I thought he might be joking. Now I don't know.

Pray for his healing. Darrin's a great shepherd and leader, and his contribution to the church and to the missional church planting movement is invaluable, but I bet his family really just wants their husband and daddy to be okay.

Darrin tweets today: "My leg is doing better. Not out of the woods, but things are trending better. keep praying"

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Anonymous said...

We are praying for you at The Christian Center Indianapolis and at University Loft. We send healing in His wings!

Del Bock