Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Element's "Personality"

I think every church has one.

I've outlined the personality of Element over at the church blog.


Bob said...

It is remarkable (to me) that the statement is couched in terms of the church and the church community. The "missional" statements of element seem to be focused on how we can make "them" like "us".

Is that what you intended?

Jared said...


I don't know what statements you're reading, Bob.

The first statement under missional says we are not as interested in bringing people "in" as we are in our people being sent "out."

The second statement says we commit to regular community service in our community.

The third says we have our main Bible study in a public place, not in a church member's home or in a church building.

The fourth says we give 60% of our money away, not spending it on ourselves.

How in the world do you see anything in any of that that communicates that our missional foci are about making people like us?

Bob said...

I'm probably just reading into it.

Jared said...