Thursday, January 15, 2009

Your Jesus is Too Safe Releases Summer 2009

Just found out my book drops in July! Pretty stoked about that. The previous estimate was sometime this Fall.

This means two things:

a) You will need to go ahead and budget $13.99 (MSRP) for the month of July this year. :-)

b) I will need to step up work on the next book.


David Rudd said...


i promise to buy your book if you will promise to not shamelessly self-promote as the day approaches?

Jared said...

David, what constitutes shameless self-promotion?

David Rudd said...

i could probably point you to links, but suffice to say if you are using facebook, twitter, and every other form of social media to promote your book... that's too much!


Chanda said...

I AM SO THRILLED FOR YOU! Wonderful news.

Jared said...

David, the publishers would disagree.

I don't plan on making this site about the book. I've known since last summer I was being published and I think I've blogged about it maybe 4-5 times since then.

My conscience won't allow me to become a self-promotional machine. But that doesn't mean my efforts may not come across that way to others.

I will be blogging, Facebooking, and Twittering about the book, because:
a) it's a milestone for me and it seems to weird to be able to talk about all kinds of personal things and work but not my book
b) my publisher and agent expect me to advertise and promote
c) the success of this book (my first) largely determines how likely I am to get a 2nd book published
d) I would like to support my family.

Again, I don't intend to go overboard. I have seen people who talk about nothing other than their book, and it is annoying and off-putting.

Let me know if I'm getting gross, okay? :-)


Will you buy 2 copies to offset David's -1 so that I can self-promote? :-)

Andrew said...

Heck, I'll budget 28 bucks for July.