Wednesday, January 14, 2009

What Kind of Preacher Are You?

Ben Arment's post is funny because it's true. :-)

I'm yanking it.
"The Contemporary"
Sermon prep includes perusing movie clips because, well, there's so much spiritual truth to be found in there.

"The Spirit-Led"

Prepares only one quarter of the message because the rest is sure to come on Sunday.

"The Artist"

Brainstorms what kind of objects can be handed out at the entrance to confuse the attenders until the sermon reveals their purpose.

"The Exegeter"
Uses a dictionary to prepare for sermons because the audience surely wants to know the correct definition of a word before it is expounded upon.

"The Verse by Verse"
It's Easter, but gosh darn it, you're in Habakuk by God's sovereignty, so Habakuk it is.

"The Ranter"
Can somehow insult the congregation week after week, but they like it and come back for more, because of an off-the-charts likability factor.

"The Nooma"
Frequently supplements sermons with melancholy video segments that feature themselves musing on subjects in interesting locations.

"The Visionary"
Somehow every sermon ends with the same application - the church's short-coming to reach the entire city for Christ - regardless of how the message starts out - stewardship, marriage, worry, doesn't matter.

I think I'm a mutt: a cross of verse-by-verse, ranter, and visionary.

What kind of preacher are you?


nhe said...

Haven't preached as much as I used to, but I'm a mixture of "Contemporary" (but quotes, not clips), "Exegeter", and "Ranter"....I have done the artist once in a while too.

Luke said...

I am a verse by verse, spirit led, ranter. That is what you get when you read martyn lloyd-jones, eugene peterson, and matt chandler!

Jared said...

Luke, haha, that resembles my influences too.

Mine would run more John Piper, N.T. Wright, and Matt Chandler, oddly enough.

(And yes I know I'm supposed to pick a team in the Piper/Wright "conversation" . . .)

Bill said...

I'm not a preacher, but I do teach. Slightly spirit-led*, with heavy verse-by-verse and a dash of exegeter

* - I hope more than slightly, but I'll settle for slightly

Andrew said...

He left off healer.

must_decrease said...

I'd say I'm in the ranter/verse by verse crowd. Although the terminus of my "visionary tendencies isn't typically "reaching the city" but rather how much of a dirty sinner you are and how in need of the substitutionary sacrifice of Christ on your behalf.

Matt Maestas

Jared said...

Matt, that's the sort of visionary I am too.

Steve said...

I am not sure where I fit on the list. I always tell people I only have six sermons. I just keep changing the titles!