Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Singular Moment in History

I'm swamped this week so blogging will be sporadic, if not non-existent. But I couldn't let the historic moment of today go by without saying a little something.

First of all, it is phenomenal. These United States have their first black President. The leader of the free world is a black man. That's something to be happy about, and that's something to be proud of America for.

Honestly, though, I am no more proud of our nation today than I was yesterday, or four years ago. We live in a great country and enjoy great freedoms. Last night I sat around a table in a public cafe with Element's public small group and we confessed sins to each other, prayed, and celebrated communion. And while any one of us may have felt an odd stare or two, none of us feared being dragged off to jail or worse. We are very privileged, very blessed. The majority of the world's Christians don't have such freedoms. And this is something the hyperbolic, histrionic haters of the administration of the last eight years ought to remember. That you can say such vile things about our president without repercussion is proof you're wrong.

We take religious freedom, as we take every freedom, for granted. We take freedom in Christ for granted.

And so today I congratulate and salute President Obama, and I congratulate and salute the people of our great nation for putting another nail in the coffin of racial hatred. But I do not hope in our president, as I don't hope in any man. I do not hope in President Obama, but I do hope for him.

The singular moment in history in which all hopes and affections are due is no man's inauguration into office (or evacuation from office), but the cross of Christ.

To Jesus, the only king, be all glory and honor and praise.

Soli Deo Gloria


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Well said, Jared! Amen.

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Great post. Even better poster.

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