Thursday, January 22, 2009

Please Keep Praying for David Wayne

My friend the Jollyblogger is still not wasting his cancer. And if you spend 5 minutes reading Drudge or something similar instead of reading his updates, you're wasting your time.
It is my duty and calling to speak the gospel to myself and, to borrow a phrase from John Piper - to fight for joy, and not let the illness cause my soul to become downcast.

As he blogs his journey, he is pastoring all of us.

Keep praying for David, his wife and children, and his church.


Anonymous said...

that first sentence has a lot to ponder.

"I have a love/hate relationship with Jesus' disciples. I love 'em because they're just like me. I hate 'em because they're just like me."

it is like when a woman sees her self becoming her own mother.

a place where we realize that we are all the same and in complete need of matter how much differences we come up with to use as masks or ways of hiding from it...we are all the same in our bare and pitiful state of sin. we all need Jesus.

Anonymous said...

looks like i put this in the wrong place.

but, i hear you give breaks to old ladies... so i won't worry about it.

thanks for continually bringing it befor us to remember prayer for david and his family.