Monday, October 20, 2008

Twitter Wisdom

A couple of trenchant tweets from this morning.
"Just went to a very popular Christian twitterer/blogger's web site and searched for "Jesus". Zero results. I think you're missing something."

-- @DustinDK (a deacon-in-training at Mars Hill Church Seattle)

In response:
"Isn't that funny/sad? Allot of fame in the church is inversely related to talk bout Jesus."

-- @culturalsavage (a Portland, Oregon photographer and graphic artist (who happened to have designed Element's current "Lovers" series graphic)

Yup and yup.


Don said...

Why should their blogs or tweets be any different than their pulpits?

nhe said...

I'm not following - the Mars Hill guy said "there's no Jesus on your site"? - and the person who's site was being questioned said " "? - I didn't understand his comment.

I'm missing what happened here.

Color me clueless.

Jared said...


No, Dustin was remarking about some popular Christian's site, and Cultural Savage was sort of, in solidarity about the appraisal, saying, "Yeah, it seems like being popular in the church is inversely related to how much one talks about Jesus."

The second guy is not the dude the first guy was talking about.
I should probably replace "In response" with something less confusing.

Sorry about that.

Bill Kinnon said...

I just Googled my own site. I'm not talking about Jesus enough. Everything must change! (At least when it comes to me blogging about Jesus.)

Thanks for this post, Jared and congrats on the book deal.