Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Bold As Love Profile: Immanuel Church

Bold As Love is Element's missional budgeting initiative, which stipulates that 60% of all money given to Element goes back out the door to our neighbors in need, near and far.

The 60% figure comes from 50% designated to local and foreign missions and 10% dedicated to church planting and support. For this first phase of Bold As Love's implementation, we are giving this 10% to Immanuel Church.

Immanuel Church is a Nashville community pastored by Dr. Ray Ortlund. This church and this pastor have been incredibly gracious and servant-minded to us. Dr. Ortlund has been meeting with me on a regular basis, and has met with other members of Element's board of directors, providing friendship, wisdom, guidance, and mentorship. His investment in Element and its leadership has been a huge blessing.

When Element suddenly lost its meeting space with only a month or so before returning to weekly worship, Dr. Ortlund and Immanuel came through in the clutch to intercede for us with Otter Creek Church of Christ, the owners of the building currently leased by Immanuel Church. This is why Element meets on the campus of Immanuel Church.

They have asked for a bare minimum for rent, so these additional monies are also a thank you for their generosity.
They continue to encourage and inspire us.

In addition, there are not many pastors in the Bible Belt regularly preaching the sufficiency of Christ from the pulpit. Ray Ortlund is one of the few pastors in Nashville regularly and diligently teaching as though the gospel is "of first importance," and because Element seeks to support gospel-driven churches, blessing them in this way is our duty and privilege.

When Immanuel Church first took to their current facilities, Element provided many items needed for their nursery as a part of one of our monthly service projects. Since then we continue to look for ways to serve and partner with this great community so that we can experience the unity of the Body (across congregations) in a city we wish to reclaim for the gospel of Jesus.

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Ray Ortlund said...

Wow, Jared, I have just seen your post and am eager to convey our thanks to you and all at Element. It is a privilege to be partners in the gospel with you. Thank you.