Thursday, July 3, 2008

Houston, We Have Issues

It's hot. And humid.
I will never complain about Nashville heat again. I may remark, "It's pretty hot." But I will not do the exasperated, put-out, "God grew tired of us" bemoaning I have been tempted to do, and which many Nashvillians freely do only because they've never experienced Houston in the summer.

Gonna be out of pocket till midweek next week. Vacation. Family time. Yogi Bear Park and stuff like that. (I'll be Twittering, though, so if you just can't go on without knowing what I'm doing, there's that.)

I also have a request from an editor to do some minor reworking of some stuff in the Jesus book before it goes to his pub board. That doesn't mean anything, really, except that an editor really liked the book and wants me to change some things before he presents it for consideration to the people who actually decide what to publish. But I'm complying because I want it to be published.

This is only the 3rd response we've gotten after submitting to 30something publishers (the first two were rejections). I think the 3rd response being "I like it" makes for pretty good odds. And no news is good news on the 27+ places that haven't weighed in yet, right?

Keep hope alive!

But not in Houston. It's too hot for hope or anything else to live down here.
Still, some people manage.

Catch you on the flipside, blogosphere.


rob t. said...


bill streger said...

Jared, I feel your Houston pain. I am a native Houstonian, and I am still not used to it. I should not get sweaty walking from my front door to my car - but I do.

Hope you guys have fun in the great city of H-Town. If you have any time and want to connect while you're here, I'd love to buy you some kind of smoked animal. bill (at) kaleohouston (dot) com

Sherry said...

Yeah, as those great PR people once said, "Houston's Hot!"

Oh, and your 80 degree in-laws may have gotten the same electric bill that I did last month---almost $1000!

Jack said...

Hah. I sympathize. We lived eight blocks from the Galleria for five years, in an apartment with westward exposure. We used to flee to Galveston Island after church for some relief.

The summer we first moved there, I tried to walk to a nearby store down Westheimer at lunchtime, and almost passed out on the sidewalk.

But we miss Houston anyway, because we liked Texas so much. Lots more to do, and rich in American history. Not to mention the astros and their cool retractable roof. Go visit the historic George Ranch down I-59 some time.

P.S. I found you through a quote of yours that I copied to my blog.

Jack Brooks
pastor @ Georgetown EFC
Columbia Int'l University alumnus.