Tuesday, April 8, 2008

(Insert Phrase With the Word "Links" In It Here)

The Thinklings weblog turns five. This makes us blogospheric kindergarteners, which sounds about right.

Okay, this is a part of C.J. Mahaney's interview with Sinclair Ferguson, and it's good, but I'm only linking to it because I love the lines from the hymn quoted therein:
"O Jesus! full of pardoning grace,—
More full of grace than I of sin."

He is more full of grace than we are of sin.
Thank. God. 'Cause I'm pretty full of it.

Francis Chan has a video blog.

I'm looking forward to this upcoming resource: Missional in Suburbia

Rob Harrison reflects on the ascension.

Another Element has appeared in town. I am picturing a greasers vs. socs rumble on the horizon. ;-)

This is interesting (for a few reasons).
But let's be honest: we preach the undiluted gospel without compromise or spin not because it's what this generation wants, although I agree that it is, but because it's what every generation needs.
In other words, this "new" approach to preaching is not a marketing strategy based on demographic research. It's fidelity to Christ and the gospel of his kingdom, and to the Scriptures that proclaim them.

Happy surfing!


Brian in Fresno said...

Jared, your link to Rob Harrison is the same URL as the link to Missional in Suburbia.

Jared said...

Thanks for the head's up, Brian. Link is fixed.

Rob said...

I guess I have both of you to thank for the link, then. :) Much appreciated.

Also, Jared, I'll see your hymn and raise you one; your quote reminded me of this hymn, and I thought you might appreciate it.

Rob said...

Also, in case you're interested, here's a blog post on that hymn, from a blog titled From Age to Age.