Monday, April 7, 2008

First Principles: God, Glory, and The Cross

That's a long title for basically a link to a podcast. Apologies.

I am working on this theory -- thinking on it, chewing on it, testing it out against Scripture -- on the hunch that it's true and in the hopes that it'll preach.
My theory is this: The bigger your God is (meaning, the more supreme and sovereign you view God), the more precious Jesus will be to you.

Your mileage may vary, but that's my thinking right now. That's been thinking for a while, actually, but just now I'm figuring out how to best articulate it.

I am bolstered further by listening to this message by Matt Chandler today:
Glory Thieves, Part 1 in his series "The Cross"

Oh my. It is incredible.
This is what I want the theme of my messages to be always.

I only hope I am able to preach this stuff as well as Chandler does some day.

(The link goes to the mp3 podcast on the web, but you should do as I do and subscribe to The Village Church's sermon audio podcast on iTunes. All of their stuff is god, and it's all free.)

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Daniel said...

I listened to the Matt Chandler stuff you mentioned several times from the T&C Conference and have since subscribed to the village church podcast. great stuff.