Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Curious Stats (and Hope)

There is a group under Facebook Causes for Blood:Water Mission, an awesome charity based right here in Middle Tennessee that seeks to reduce the impact of the AIDS pandemic by building wells and bringing clean water to Africa.

Here's what's weird:
This Facebook group currently has 13,507 members and has received $4,401 in donations.
Does that seem a little off to anyone else?

Now, we can't say for sure that some of those members aren't donating through other avenues, maybe sending their contributions directly by mail or via the B:WM website or something.
But 13,507 members and $4,401 comes out to about 33 cents per person.

I'm not the only one who thinks this is curious; a guy named Patrick Lynch asks "How come there are more than 13,000 supporters on this Facebook group, and yet only like $4000's been raised?" in the discussion forum.

I'd hate to think this is evidence of the illusion of compassion.
I am heartened whenever we ask our small group to give to a cause or mission like this, because they always respond very generously. The night we committed every dollar of our offering to Blood:Water Mission about 20 people gave over $1,000.
I'm heartened whenever Shaun Groves returns from a trip to talk about Compassion with college students and blogs that they sponsored x amount of kids.

There is life out there yet, and hope.


Jared said...

I should clarify that 20 people gave collectively over 1K. We didn't have 20 people each giving 1K. That'd be somethin', wouldn't it? :-)

Bill Kinnon said...

It might have a lot to do with the illusion of community on Facebook.

Jared said...

Hahaha. Could be.