Monday, February 4, 2008

Such as These

Our six year old daughter Macy is taking some big steps toward grasp of the gospel.

We have not raised our girls under the expectation of "making a decision." This is mainly a reflection of theology, of conviction that one can trust Jesus for salvation without repeating the sinner's prayer. But this doesn't mean we haven't sought to prompt articulation of gospel comprehension (or that we wouldn't lead them in something like the sinner's prayer should the circumstances call for it). We've been overjoyed to see that both of our girls initiate gospel conversations themselves, the result of growing up in a home that reads and talks and prays Scripture.
That sounds really prideful. Honestly, I don't do it near as much as I ought to. But God is faithful to awaken hearts to whatever light is available.

Both girls read their Bibles (Gracie, with a little help of course). Macy has been hooked on 1 Samuel for some reason, although I'm turning her onto John's Gospel too.
I've been catechizing (which kinda sounds harmful, like cauterizing or something) both girls at bedtime, and this has led to some great discussions about sin and God's glory.

Macy gets the narrative arc of redemption. She gets it on her own, without my asking yes or no questions. She knows we are sinners, where sin comes from, what God did about sin, why he did it, and what that means we should do.

She has the information and is taking it to heart. I'm not sure she totally understands the weight of it, but I'm 32, and I don't totally understand the weight of it. So I'm not worried about her, since Jesus didn't say the kingdom was for thirty year old neurotic theology nerds who pick their noses when no one's looking.

God is good, isn't he?


bif said...

God is so good, Jared. This is great to read about your daughters.

Jen said...

You pick your nose?

The horror.

I don't think I can read you the same way anymore, knowing that.


Seriously, though, it's great to hear how they're getting it. Thanks for sharing.

Jared's Mom said...

I have no greater joy than this, to hear of my children walking in the truth. 3 John 1:4