Monday, February 4, 2008

"All the Messages Here Contain Grace": A Case Study of Element

Most of my readers know I lead a ministry community for young adults called Element. Last year a Vanderbilt Divinity grad student asked if she could "use" Element for a congregational case study in her coursework. Despite our reminding her of the fact that we do not consider ourselves a church, she was not dissuaded, received approval from her professor, and was then welcome to speak to anyone and everyone who entered the sphere of our weekly gatherings, from regular attenders to first-time visitors.

I'd like to share the results of her study with you. This is obviously flirting with pride here, especially as much of her study involves appraisal of yours truly, but I'm just dang proud of the people I get to attempt Christian community with, every last one of them, and so I thought I'd share this as a way of publicizing what can happen when a pathetic start-up focuses on the gospel first. It has some interesting insights about young adults and young adult ministry, and reflects on the relative effectiveness or ineffectiveness an approach like ours might have.

You can read "A Profile of Element" at The Thinklings.

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