Wednesday, November 14, 2007

"The ethos/mindset/inertia is incredibly hard to break."

David Fitch offers an insightful and incisive commentary on the Willow Creek/REVEAL thingamabob.

Fitch deals extensively with Willow's conclusions as detailed in the REVEAL book.
An excerpt from his introduction:
As I read through it I saw the evidence of just how incredibly difficult it is for a mega church to change course. For many of the things Willow creek has been criticized for (marketing technology, defining success, individualizing and consumerizing Christianity) are not addressed, but instead are promoted as the answers to the problems which these things caused in the first place. For me, the lesson here is this: it is hard (nigh impossible) to change a mega church (we thought change in smaller church was hard!). It is not just the huge amount of bills to be paid, paychecks to be distributed, mortgages and 8,000 seat stadiums to be sustained. The ethos/mindset/inertia is incredibly hard to break.

Tough love and all that.

Agree, disagree. Fitch isn't interested in pontificating, but in conversation. His comments are open.

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