Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Discipleship: WWJD?

Jesus taught. Jesus went. Jesus taught as he went.

Our approaches to discipleship should include all 3 components of His.


Vitamin Z said...

How did you know that I linked to you? Do you get an email or something when someone links to your posts? If so, what is it? I would like to get it...

Jared said...

I use Technorati ( and Sitemeter (look at the very bottom of my right sidebar) to track inbound links and other referrer stats. I can see what links others click on to reach my blog, and Sitemeter showed me 3 or 4 people had clicked on the link to my site you had in your post.

It's free to add Sitemeter to your blog if you display their little button in your sidebar. Lots of nifty features to check on to see how your blog is being surfed.
Technorati is free too: you just input your url into their search and they'll show you inbound links. It's not as expansive or reliable as Sitemeter, though, b/c they don't track your blog's stats; they spider the blogosphere and look for links including your url.