Monday, August 13, 2007

What They Said

Some quality linkage to start your week off right:

My very good friend Bill writes on fallenness and faithfulness at Out of the Bloo. Bill likes to say "We are crazy." I like to say "We are messed up." Six of one, half a dozen of the other.

Why are there so many ugly churches?
That is to say, Why are there so many ugly church buildings?
I'm not a fan of the old school white clapboard steeple-topped edifices, but man, am I the only guy burnt out on the bland expanses dominating the "community church" architectural landscape? Might as well be schools or emergency clinics or corporate office space.
I'd love to see a renaissance of church architecture for these emerging generational times. Perhaps a nice blend of modern structures with classic touches like stained glass and stained wood. A creative-innovative church leadership with talented architects could really pull stuff like this off without making it look either too churchy or too mega-mall.

The Gospel is Greener by Todd Bragg at Common Grounds Online
This begins as a plug for Caedmon's Call's upcoming album (Bragg is CC's drummer) but winds up a nice devotional piece on discontentment. (Would make a nice chaser to Bill's post.)

Mark Lauterbach at the indispensable GospelDrivenLife on Keeping the Gospel as Gospel.
Take and read.

Finally, my brother Jeremy is on a mission trip in Kenya right now. Pray for him. Or else. :-)
Since this is ostensibly a post for links, here's his MySpace blog.

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