Monday, August 13, 2007

A Redemptive Life

We just started a new series at Element called Exodus: The Wandering Life of Discipleship. We're gonna spend 10 weeks going through the book of Exodus (which will not do all 40 chapters of it justice, of course) and hopefully discover in its story our story, the story of our life of discipleship to Jesus.

Last night's service was an interesting one, as those who were there can attest, but we started off looking at Exodus 1:22-2:25 in a message I called "A Redemptive Life." Here were the four main points of the redemptive life as illustrated in this passage:

1. The Redemptive Life Relies on God's Sovereignty
2. The Redemptive Life Requires Faith
3. The Redemptive Life Sanctifies Us Through Trouble
4. The Redemptive Life Perseveres Because of God's Faithfulness

I love how the ESV (the version I teach from) ends Exodus 2:25 with "God knew." I talked a little bit about why I love those two words last night, but it is mainly because I think the further we go in our "long obedience to Jesus" the more comfortable we should get with admitting "I don't know." We have this asinine idea that the further we go the more we know. And this is true to some extent, particularly as we grow in wisdom. But wisdom is not necessarily information. Next week we're going to talk about the life of discipleship being A Theological Life (by which I basically mean "a life of knowing God"), and one point I hope to convey is that all the theological/biblical information in the world won't mean squat if God isn't getting bigger and you're not getting smaller.

The redemptive life requires faith from us, but it does not persevere because of our faith but because of God's perfect faithfulness to us. And he is faithful. He remembers his promises and keeps them. He will not forget his covenant. He will not forget us. He knows.
Thank God!

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Bryan said...

This is a good outline. I'd like to hear/read the message.