Monday, January 23, 2012

This Blog Has Moved!

As I teased early last week, there's a big change afoot for the future of The Gospel-Driven Church blog. As officially announced this morning, I am joining the ranks of the bloggers at The Gospel Coalition site. It is an incredible honor to be invited to blog alongside some of my favorite pastor-writers at one of the most widely-read online evangelical neighborhoods. You have probably already read that Trevin Wax is making the move as well.

You can now find me at the new The Gospel-Driven Church.

I will keep this space live but all new posts will be at the new place. Please remember to update your subscriptions, bookmarks, and/or blogrolls.

See ya over yonder!


Andrew Terry said...

Congratulations! I figured that is where you were moving too. I've already subscribed to your blog there. With Trevin Wax there also I now read 4 blogs from Gospel Coalition. It's wonderful to see pastors and teachers speaking with one mind.

Matthew said...

Congrats Jared! Great fit for your stuff over there and hopefully many new readers will get to see your writing as well.

cjbooth85 said...

Congratulations bro!

Anonymous said...

Called it!

Way to go man.