Monday, January 2, 2012

A Bible Verse for a Coffee Mug

When in preaching I am expositing a "non-feel-good" text, I am prone to point out, in Chandleresque fashion, that this is not the sort of Bible verse they put on a coffee mug to sell at the Christian bookstore. There were quite a few of those in our Galatians series, for instance, what with all that accursed-ness and admonitions to self-castration.

Yesterday I received from one of our church members (Amy) one of my favorite Christmas presents ever, pictured below.

The art on the mug is Amy's hand-painted rendering of one of my wife Becky's photographs. Along the bottom of the painting is inscribed a Bible verse. Ezekiel 41:23 to be specific. Because that's not a verse they put on coffee mugs. Love it!


Anonymous said...

That's awesome man!

David Schrock said...

Nice! A friend of mine once received a pillow with 1 Samuel 15:33 crocheted on it, after making a similar comment.


Taylor said...

Haha, awesome :)

Damien said...

isaiah 3:21 resonates with me:

finger rings, nose rings.