Monday, September 12, 2011

How to be Used for God's Glory

Something instructive about the way God glorifies himself in the gospel power available to trusters in him found in YHWH's call on Moses.

We can break down Moses' five objections/questions and God's five responses this way:

1. Who am I to go for you?
Never mind who you are. That's irrelevant.

2. Who are you for me to go for you?
I am GOD.

3. What if they don't believe me?
It's not your accomplishments you're testifying to, but mine. Here, have some miracles.

4. Me no talk good.
I use junk and jackasses all the time.

5. Send somebody else!
I'll send somebody with you, not instead of you.

So now we can make 5 basic assumptions about the way God uses Christians to bring glory to himself. Here are the basic qualifications to be used by God:

1. First, be a nobody.
2. Secondly, don't worry about your accomplishments or ability to persuade: what God has done -- namely, in the historical good news of Jesus Christ -- is a powerful persuasion all its own, and the Spirit will control who it stirs.
3. Thirdly, know God.
4. Fourthly, be unimpressive on your own.
5. Fifth, don't go it alone.


Dubbahdee said...

that's a sermon. Nice.

Jim Pemberton said...

For all things that one is actually called to do, this is true.

Phil W said...

Gotta say I love run down of Moses' argument. It speaks to me.