Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Pinckney's Practices for Pummeling Pastoral Pride

See what I did there? :-)

Pastor David Pinckney's talk on "Pride and the Pastor"* given at yesterday's Acts 29 Northeast Regional Conference had many excellent moments, but I really liked three practical tips he gave pastors to help them squash pride and cultivate humility.

1. Take out the trash.

Literally, David said. Take out your trash. Don't give it to your assistant or custodian. Take it out yourself. It can be cathartic. And humbling. Don't be above doing this and prove you're not by actually doing it.

2. Visit nursing homes.

This will not increase your attendance, David said, but do it anyway. And don't make it a program or a project. Don't worry about telling anybody you're doing this. Just go visit. Many folks in nursing home don't get visits once a week, and some don't even get visits once a month.

3. Adopt prayer positions.

David was not trying to endorse mysticism, here; he's saying that we should literally get on our knees to pray. Or better -- on our faces. When no one can see. David said we should be intimately familiar with the smell of the carpet in our office. (He said taking out the trash can enhance that experience.)

* The audio from the conference is not available just yet, but will appear here eventually.


Chuck Thomas said...

Proud of that alliteration, aren't you? :-)

Jared said...

You know it!
I totally had to take out the trash after I wrote that title.

Jared said...

Yup, that's my pastor. Is it okay to be proud of him? ;)

Andrew Magnus said...

Good stuff, thanks for posting.

Philip said...

Good stuff. And true.

Justin Gottlieb said...


Just wanted to let you know that the media from A29 Regional is up now, but on a different page than it seemed like it would. Here's the link: http://www.genesisthejourney.com/watch-listen/posts/p/1 .

By the way, really good to meet you there.