Thursday, February 3, 2011

Austin Adoption-Minded Believers: Help!

Through the point person on our church's orphan care ministry team, I have learned of two 14 year old boys in the foster care system in Austin, TX. They attend church each Sunday with their foster family and love the youth group. They desperately want to be adopted, and they have expressed wanting to be adopted by a Christian family, but apparently no one in their church is willing or able to do so. We are concerned these boys attend church in a community each week and can find nobody willing to adopt them.

Do you know anybody in the Austin area willing to take a look at these brothers? I have their profile (with pictures) and can email it to you. They have no "special needs" except what is special pertaining to being orphans. We have been in contact with their social worker, and she confirms they have no mental or physical disabilities, no emotional or psychological problems. They just need a couple or family willing to overlook that they are not babies and raise them in the Lord.

Can you help? Do you know someone who can? Email me at jared AT gospeldrivenchurch DOT com

I know gospel-centered, missional, adoption-passionate churches and believers are a sizable community in Austin. Surely somebody can help.


Heather said...

heartbreaking. praying for these boys and their future family; please keep us updated.

Jennet said...

I sent this out to several friends here ni the Austin area. My husband and I would love to adopt, but we just had a baby and are not in a position right now to take in 2 teenagers.... I am definitely praying for them to find a family that can take them though.

Toodus said...

Jared et al,
Just a quick note on these boys...we contacted CPS and their case worker, and they are in fact adoptable, but not yet ready to make the transition to an adoptive family according to the case worker. CPS will allow you to submit an interest form on their behalf (go to and search for sibling group #31028).

There are many folks in Austin considering the adoption of these boys, and we continue to pray that a family will be ready when CPS is ready to place them in a home permanently.

Thanks for advocating for orphans, and continuing to pray for these boys!

Grace and Peace,
Todd Engstrom
Pastor of Missional Communities
The Austin Stone Community Church

Abby said...

Thanks for the update Todd. I was just popping over here to ask if there is any news. I will continue to pray for these boys!