Thursday, October 28, 2010

20 Years is Easy for an Eternal God

Accidentally left my ESV journaling Bible at home this morning and ended up doing my morning reading in the office in my childhood Bible, a bonded leather NASB reference edition full of my adolescent scribblings and highlighting. Was reminded by its well-worn pages that 1990 was the year I heard God's call to ministry. Since I'm decent at elementary math, I then realized this year marks the 20th anniversary of that call.

I've been a miserable failure and a grievous sinner since then. But as I sit in the pastor's study of a 200+ year old New England church, staring down my 35th birthday next week, I am amazed, pleased, and grateful that God is faithful to be finishing the work he began in my 8th grade heart. If he is willing, by his grace I hope to be here decades more.


Jason said...

Congrats on the anniversary, Jared.

Trevor Peck said...

Thankful for your ministry brother - you are an encouragement to me! So I am thankful that you "providentially" left your ESV at home today. God is good ~ SDG!

Love in the Truth.

Andrew Terry said...

Your story sounds very familiar in my life. I too have been a failure in moving to my ministry. It seems the only thing I excel at is depravity.

I thank God for your ministry. You touch more than your humble church. Out of the many blogs I read or subscribe to I look forward to your posts the most. I usually save yours for last for I read every post. Most of them I forward to my email and save for later reference.

Keep up the good work in pointing us to Christ.

Erik said...

I appreciate your humility Jared. You're posts are always real, interesting and full of clarity.

I'm 35 as well, and am also grateful that God has been faithful to me throughout my pilgrimage from earth to heaven, even in my faithlessness.