Sunday, May 30, 2010

No End to this Glorious Message

I love these lines from The Cross by D. Martyn-Lloyd Jones:
“There are certain things which have to be said over and over again, of necessity, and yet this is the marvel and the wonder of the cross, that however many times a man may preach about it, he has never finished preaching about it. There is always something fresh to say, always something new. There is a great central message that is always there, but nothing is so wonderful as to see that one thing in different ways . . . . During these twenty-six years in my Westminster pulpit there have been times when in my utter folly I have wondered, or the devil has suggested to me, that there is nothing more for me to say, that I have preached it all. I thank God that I can now say that I feel I am only at the beginning of it. There is no end to this glorious message of the cross, for there is always something new and fresh and entrancing and moving and uplifting that one has never seen before.”

Even angels long to look into the gospel. Why? Because it is endlessly fascinating.

I think these words are closely related to the Catch-22 of gospel-centrality: Those who love the gospel do not tire of hearing it, and those who do not love the gospel will not love the gospel without hearing it. So whatever our audience, the gospel must be central to our message. Don't let anyone -- devil or man -- tell you differently.

(HT: Ray Ortlund)

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Roberta said...

"I love the old, old story of Jesus and His love."