Sunday, April 25, 2010

Hi, I'm Doug; I Have Just Met You and I Love You- Squirrel!

Grace: "Dad, can I have a tortilla for my treat?"

Dad: "Grace, do you know that God took your sin and put it on Jesus and took Jesus' perfection and put it on you?"

Grace: "Does that mean Jesus is bad now?"

Dad: "No. He took your sin to the cross and when he died, he left it there. And then he rose again. So now you're dead to sin but alive in Christ."

Grace: "But we still sin. Every now and then."

Dad: "Yeah. But when we sin now we can be thankful that God forgives us already if we trust that Jesus died for our sins. Isn't that cool?"

Grace: "Yeah." [pause] "Can I have some Fun-Dip?"

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