Friday, August 7, 2009

"Your Jesus is Too Safe" Blog Tour!

Next week some awesome bloggers will be helping Kregel Publications and me get the word out about my book Your Jesus is Too Safe: Outgrowing a Drive-Thru, Feel-Good Savior. Almost 50 engaging writers -- on about ten blogs a day for five weekdays -- will be featuring either reviews of the book, interviews with yours truly, or both. (And they were expressly told that if they didn't like the book, they should say so! So it could get "awesome.")

Check out the schedule below, then visit these folks on their respective days and check out their thoughts. The bonus is that you'll find some great new blogs you probably didn't know about yet (plus a few you did).


Monday, Aug. 10

Trevin Wax, Kingdom People

Shannon Lewis, For What It's Worth

Phil Wade, Brandywine Books

Paige Moreland, Reves Plaisants

Winston Hottman, Gospel Minded

Jason Kovacs, Abba Fund Blog

Chad Estes, Captain’s Blog

Gavin Richardson, Hit the Back Button to Move Forward

Jeff Patterson, deTheos

Cadmus Sorrell,

Tuesday, Aug. 11

Brian D., Phoenix Preacher

Warren Kelly, View from the Pew

Justin Holcomb, Mockingbird

Sherry Early, Semicolon

Catherine Martin, Adventures in Domesticity

Dan Cruver, Together 4 Adoption

Mike Leake, Borrowed Light

Phil Wilson

Jamal Jivanjee, Illuminate

Dave Winter, Ordinary Commentary

Wednesday, Aug. 12

Glenn Lucke, Common Grounds Online

Zach Nielsen, Vitamin Z

Ben Reed, Life & Theology

Caila Murphy

Shauna Rumbaugh, Shaunarumbling

Michael Kelley, Forward Progress

Kris Estep

Daniel Ross, The CCJ Blog

Rob Harrison, The Spyglass

Aaron Westerman,

Thursday, Aug. 13

Darryl Dash, DashHouse

Bob Spencer, Wilderness Fandango

Jen, Lintefiniel Musing

Wickle, One True Believer

David Bish, The Blue Fish Project

Jeremy Rose, Thoughts of a Young Pastor

Michael Puhala, Controversial Christian

Doug Schaefer,

Daniel Viezbicke, Then Face to Face

Friday, Aug. 14

Travis Prinzi, Rabbit Room

Milton Stanley, Transforming Sermons

Bill Streger, KaleoBill

Chanda Canup, Thursday’s Child

Aaron Telian, Sojourner’s Song

Jimmy Davis, The Cruciform Life

Justin Woulard, Life on Mars Hill

Brandon Milan, I’m Still Thinkin

Mark Kelly, Grace Dependent


Anonymous said...

I'm anxious to see what they have to say!

Shannon Lewis said...

I've double-posted my review, and will also send it over to soon, after I beef it up with a few additional quotes. Overall, it's a really good book - probably my favorite this year so far. Glad you wrote it and pray you keep up the good work!

Unknown said...

I love the book and I posted a review of the book on our website: ( and click on 'book reviews'.

Rob Harrison said...

Mine's done and scheduled for morning.