Monday, August 10, 2009

Open Door Policies

I was seriously questioning whether or not it was something I should do—whether or not it was something God wanted me to pursue. Many of the Christian friends and adults around me said it seemed like it was a door that God had opened for me (herein lies the danger of “open-door” theology: Just because a door is seemingly open doesn’t mean we should walk through it, and just because a door is seemingly closed doesn’t mean we shouldn’t knock it down and walk through it). Their reasoning—almost persuasive—went like this, if God had really called me to ministry, and if God had given me certain talents, and if God had opened this door to a potentially worldwide audience, then God must want me to do it. It was an open door—why not do it?

That's from Burk Parsons, the guy who walked away from fame and fortune with the Backstreet Boys and into the pastorate and ministry with R.C. Sproul and Ligonier.

Quoted in an interview series with Tim Challies.

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