Friday, July 17, 2009

Missioning Prayers

My parents head out for Honduras tomorrow morning. The team my dad leads there once or twice a year will be there for some time, helping a local church with evangelism, doing some construction, ministering to children, etc.

Please pray for fruitfulness in their efforts, wisdom from the Spirit, and of course safety given the recent cultural rumblings taking place there.

Also, friends of ours Ben and Jess Mulvaney, who are both Elementers and members of Journey Church, are on their way to Jeffery's Bay, South Africa. They will be helping with some safehouse and orphanage construction and ministering to many orphans, most of whom have AIDS.

Jess has begun blogging through their trip here.

Please pray for their fruitfulness and energy, and for their safety as well.

If anyone is interested, my thoughts on why short-term missions are important is here.


-joe said...

Where to in Honduras? My older sister is a missionary in Catacamas (about 10 miles from the home of the infamous Zelaya)


Jared said...

They go to La Ceba.