Thursday, May 7, 2009

Is it Only an Emergency if it Involves Me?

Shaun Groves retells a bit from a Francis Chan sermon:
In his message he told the story of how he decided to give away a large sum of money he earned. And he ended the story by saying that some people ask him if it’s wise to give it all away. “Shouldn’t you be more moderate in your generosity?” they essentially ask. “Shouldn’t you put some of it away in case of emergency?”

To which Chan answered, “Are you saying that what’s happening in ‘the developing world’ isn’t an emergency? ...Oh, you mean an emergency that involves me. Because if it doesn’t involve me then it’s not a real emergency right?”

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sarah said...

that reminds me of a story i heard a few years ago in which a woman gives a generous amount of money to a person on the side of the road. her companion asks her if its "wise" to give so much- especially not knowing where this person would spend it. This woman responds by asking whether she thought God was "wise" in the lavish amounts he has given us. how quickly we forget that we have received all these things- so why do we act as though we had not received it?