Sunday, August 17, 2008

Defenders and Admirers of Todd Bentley: You Got the Hero You Deserved

Even while lots of folks were saying he was weird and unbiblical and whatever else, I was saying specifically and unequivocally that Todd Bentley is a Liar.
I'm not trying to say I told you so. I'm saying: I told you so.

What I was trying to communicate is that not only is kicking an old woman in the face to heal her wrong and stupid and unbiblical, it didn't happen. He's a liar and his whole charade was lies upon lies upon more lies.

The latest:
“Here is some info, but according to what we have heard from several sources, this is much more than just an emotional relationship. According to staff And former staff members, they claim that Todd is a pathological liar. The board privately has said that Todd has been lying to them all along. We are praying for those around Todd to demand for him to get the help he needs before thrusting him back into ministry like they did 2.5 years ago when he had an affair with a different staff member. We are praying for Todd, his family, along with others that have been impacted through this”.

This is not about piling on Bentley. This is about rebuking his staff, his friends, his fans, and his defenders. You got the hero you deserved. You traded the truth for a lie, you cashed in the all-surpassing worth of Jesus for an unrepentant lying adulterer and his lame magic show, and you didn't flinch when the evangelical world warned you it was gonna be a disaster.

I'm saying "I told you so" as a plea to you to stop -- for the love of God! -- idolizing these charlatans and their witchcraft. I say that as a continuationist. This isn't about the charismatic gifts.

It's about truth. It's about The Truth. And Jesus is The Truth.

What we need is a radical re-commitment to zeal for the Christian's sole satisfaction in Christ and His work. Nothing else.
Those who drift into Jesus + ____________ have their reward.


Anonymous said...

Well said.

Dan wrote a great post on this as well, with some blunt suggestions for those who enabled and believed.

Anonymous said...

Missed this ... I only knew of the impending divorce.

dle said...


Spot on. More of the blame should go on the enablers than they are willing to take. More than a few people need to fall on their swords and get off stage...*cough* Wagner *cough*.

This morning I felt the Lord really drive one word into my heart about this: humility. You can't look at Lakeland and not be stunned by the complete lack of humility on nearly every level. Lack of humility practically defines the most obvious chunks of the charismatic movement. Unless we get more truly humble men and women rising up to take the place of these star-struck celebrities on stage right now, stick a fork in all things charismatic because we're done. Many of the early leaders were quiet, contemplative people who understood their place and learned of God. The leaders today? Brazen limelight-lovers who adore the sound of their own voice.

Like I wrote in my own autopsy of this debacle, many charismatics need to rediscover the cross, not for what it buys them, but for how it bids them come and die.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to say, but this reminds me of how Jim Bakker went about the "laying on of hands" with Jessica Hahn, and then cried..."I couldn't help myself, the pressure got to me, I had a weak moment, I'm not a bad guy"... and etc...

But I doubt he would've have ever stepped up to the integrity plate and said any of that, if he hadn't gotten busted.

And perhaps, just as sad... that whole debacle seemed to bring about the same ol' 15 minutes of fame for many involved... which then lead to income for "the book", "the interviews" and etc... and they say crime (sin) doesn't pay... : - )

Unfortunately, these things happen... and the world makes it "news"...

Too bad it isn't/wasn't about the "good news"...

Maybe someday these things won't happen anymore...? I believe that to be true... I'm just waiting for the day... Jesus will be back... cleaning house and taking names!

I need to get my mop and bucket out and get to scrubbing a few things... sooner than later...


Anonymous said...

But I doubt he would've have ever stepped up to the integrity plate and said any of that, if he hadn't gotten busted.

To be fair, King David didn't own up until Nathan busted him. It is human nature to hide our sins ever since Adam hid himself in the garden. Being "busted" is a mercy of God, and without that gracious intervention, there are few of us who would willingly come clean about the rank evil that resides within our hearts.

I think it makes more sense to judge the sincerity of one's actions some time after they are found out and own up. Test the fruit to see if the repentance is real, but how the sin came to light can't really be the indicator of how genuine one's repentance is.

Anonymous said...

Sentinel... you may be right, in general...

But I don't see Todd Bentley in a King David light...

And, King David's sincerity was evident long before his problem with Bathsheba... not sure TB's was...

And I think I made it clear that I am hopeful none of us (including the Todd Bentley's) will have to deal with these sort of things much longer...when the real King returns... and I even added that I had some scrubbing to do, myself... didn't I?

So, I commented based on the history of TB...he just doesn't come across as very remorseful or repentant or sincere... in general... but that doesn't mean he never will be... it's just now... he's in a harsh, new and different sort of spotlight... which he probably didn't want shining on him in the first place... I think he'd still prefer being in the "hero" spotlight... not the "sinner" spotlight... which got him in the predicament he's in now... go figure?

He's been quite the Showman... but the Circus tent has come down upon his act... and there's definitely an Elephant... be it in the bedroom, the closet or the pulpit... : -)

I guess none of us in ministry should Monkey around with integrity... or forget we have to take the Lion's share of blame when we mess up... I suppose our stripes ultimately are revealed like those of a Zebra... uh...mmm... er... okay... I think I'm taking that whole "circus" thing too far... sorry...

I'll stop clowning around now.... (oops, did it again)


Anonymous said...

To be clear I AM NO DEFENDER OF TODD BENTLEY! I make it a general rule not to lend my support to men who kick old ladies in the teeth, but that's just me. :)

I may have read your post incorrectly,as I thought the bit I quoted was in reference not to Bentley, but to Jim Bakker. I haven't followed Jim Bakker real closely since his downfall, but I think there were some hopeful signs that his repentance may have been real, at least at one point. I don't know what is the state of his life in the present.

I guess I have just heard similar things said before about fallen leaders- "they only fess up when ther're caught red handed and confronted". We shouldn't be surprised by , what is human nature and what most of us would do outselves. We shouldn't doubt the genuineness of one's confesssion on that basis alone. And it was that spirit in general that I was taking issue with. I guess I was wrong to assume that is what you in particular were doing.

Bottom line, I think we both would agree that a tree is judged by its fruits and Todd Bentley's was funky from the get go. I don't thin the way in which Bentley owned up post being busted is even an issue necessary to be considered. Independent of that factor, there is still plenty that incriminates him as a charlatan! I wish fewer people were surprised by his downfall. What a sad commentary on the lack of discernment among professed Christ followers.

Anonymous said...

"You traded the truth for a lie, you cashed in the all-surpassing worth of Jesus for an unrepentant lying adulterer and his lame magic show"

Thats about it.

And these people will tell you they are spiritual and have discrenment and all manner of special giftings.