Monday, September 10, 2007

Linky McLinkerson

Some quality linkage to start your week out right . . .

Why and how it's so easy for preachers NOT to preach the Gospel at Gospel Driven Blog (HT: Transforming Sermons).
A tasty morsel:
The triumph of the therapeutic in the church is an illustration of how the heart of man incessantly cries out for law instead of gospel.

A balanced approach to student ministry from Nick Kennicott at Reforming Students.

A brief convo with Dan Kimball on "emerging" in relation to "missional" at Christianity Today's Out of Ur blog. The last question/answer had me nodding my head so hard I got whiplash. :-/

Going meta for a second:
Honorary Thinkling Alan riffs on me riffing on that Sally Morgenthaler article in his post, The Seeker Movement as Musical Chairs.

Dan Edelen: Justice is For Losers

Happy surfing!

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