Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Reviving Biblical Preaching

Theocentric Preaching blog excerpts from Preaching for Revitalization by Michael F. Ross.

Ross points out that the current focus of preaching methodology "on communication theory and practice - style, SAIs (stories, analogies and illustrations), voice methods and time usage," as opposed to formerly dealing with "content, theology, spiritual motivations and the character of the minister," is a result of the decline of biblical preaching in the 1930s and 40s.

Basically, preaching got bad, and the way the Church fixed it was by concentrating on style and method.

Ross says this was the wrong fix, and goes on to say:
The crisis of the American pulpit is not one of communication theory, but rather one of content, conviction, and consistency of theology and life . . . This is not to say that communication theory and practice are not important, but rather to keep two concepts separate: homiletics and preaching. Good homiletics does not necessarily result in good preaching. Homiletics does not transform the soul; true preaching does!

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