Sunday, December 25, 2011

A Personal and Gospel Meditation on Christmas Day

There was a day we piled up presents under the tree
A festive Babel tower
Tumbling down into the confusion
Of interests with expiration dates
And the speaking of different logos and brands:
"I am of Apple."
"I am of Sony."
"I am of Chicken Dance Elmo."

There was a day we spoke more languages still
Mine of sin and hers of pain
Till it all came tumbling down.
I laid with my children in their room at night,
Michael Card singing sweet gospel lullabies on the stereo
And struggled to believe that
"I AM" was also "I am for you."

What God had joined together
I had torn apart.

This morning in the tumbled detritus
Of wrappings and ribbons
I watched my three beauties play Chinese checkers
And snow falling gently outside
The big picture window,
And I thought,
"I am of Jesus."


Adam Ford said...

Thank you for your blog, Jared.

Miranda said...

Beautiful. Thank you, Jared.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! Thanks for this, makes me reflect on where God has taken me. Thank you Jesus!