Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Build a Well: Janie's Christmas Stocking

My friend and fellow Forge leadership team member Chris lost his dear wife Janie to cancer a couple of years ago. Chris is an amazing, humble guy, working hard and now raising 3 kids as a single man, and through it all his vision of the all-sufficiency of Jesus Christ has been an encouragement and a challenge to all who know him.

Last year Chris started a project called Janie's Christmas Stocking to both honor his late wife and provide financial and material assistance for some needy local families. This year the aim of Janie's Christmas Stocking is to build a well for an African village. You have probably heard before of the dire need for clean water in the poorest parts of Africa -- it's not just to satiate thirst but to prevent even simple illnesses or viruses from dirty water that can be deadly to populations ravaged by the immunity-weakening scourge of HIV and AIDS.

Chris (via Food for the Hungry) needs to raise $2500 to build a well. Will you help him honor Janie and show God's love to our African neighbors in need? Go here and find out how you can donate via check/snail-mail or online.

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cjbooth85 said...

Thanks so much Jared for sharing about Janie's Stocking! It's only been a few days and it's already been a blessing. I'm excited to to all that God will do through it!