Friday, October 7, 2011

That's Got to Get Out

Good gracious, John Piper, God love 'im.
I think the way that I became a preacher was by being passionately thrilled by what I was seeing in the Bible in seminary. Passionately thrilled! When Philippians began to open to me, Galatians open to me, Romans open to me, the Sermon on the Mount open to me in classes on exegesis (not homiletics, but exegesis), everything in me was feeling, "I want to say this to somebody. I want to find a way to say this because this is awesome, this is incredible!"

So for preachers today that go everywhere but the Bible to find something interesting or something scintillating and passionate, I say, "I don't get it. I don't get that at all!" Because I have to work hard to leave the Bible to go somewhere to find an illustration, because everything in the Bible is just blowing me away. And it is that sense of being blown away by what's here—by the God that's here, and the Christ that's here, and the gospel that's here, and the Spirit that's here, and the life that is here—being blown away by this, I just say, "That's got to get out."


Louis said...

I love this quote, especially, "everything in the Bible is just blowing me away." Such a testament to my own experience in being a student of God's Word and another reason why I love and respect John Piper as a leader and brother in Christ.

Adam Ford said...

I love it. God help us all to be so hypnotized by the Truth.