Monday, October 17, 2011

"My Wife's Death in Biblical Perspective"

I commend the following 20 minutes to you. It is the late great E.V. Hill preaching the eulogy at the funeral for his wife Jane (Baby) in 1987. It is a very moving tribute and love letter, but also a stirring exultation in Job 1:21: "The LORD gave, and the LORD has taken away; blessed be the name of the LORD."


cjbooth85 said...

"The LORD gave, and the LORD has taken away..."

You know, we're so shocked when the Lord "takes away," but when are we ever shocked that He "gave" in the first place?

I'm looking forward to watching these Jared.

Roberta said...

Heard the audio years ago on "Focus on the Family." Good one. Thanks.

Brandon Clements said...

Man, this is great. Definitely stirred me because I love my wife dearly and we've only been married 4 years. Thanks for posting Jared.

mason booth said...

this will probably sounds like blasphemy, but are we to believe these words from Job? i mean Job said them, does that make them necessarily true? i mean a lot of the characters say things in the Bible..does that make them inspired. David said that he would build God a temple. David was wrong to have said that. What David said was not true. so why do we believe that what every person in the Bible says is true? just b/c Job says something does that mean that it is an universal truth? appears to me Job or other Biblical characters could have said things that are not correct. if you look at just a glance at the book of Job. Satan took, not God. Satan killed, not God. i would humbly suggest that this long beloved statement of Job is in fact incorrect based on the testimony of the book of Job. it is Job's opinion or perspective without having the full knowledge of the events in God's court.

Jared said...

Mason, except for the facts that Satan's "taking" was prefaced by his asking permission from God and that large portions of the book of Job consist of God saying to Job that he (God) is in control and sovereign over all things.

Job repents of his questioning but not for ascribing ultimate sovereignty to God in all things. That's why we know that statement is true.

It also bears mentioning that the point of the statement is that God is to be praised at all times, in times of happiness and sadness. This is undoubtedly a true statement reiterated throughout the Scriptures into the New Testament.