Tuesday, September 13, 2011

With Dustin Neeley on Gospel Wakefulness

Dustin Neeley of Church Planting for the Rest of Us interviewed me at The Gospel Coalition Conference last April. Here is a snippet from our conversation on gospel wakefulness.

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cjbooth85 said...

"I can't say to you, 'be astonished' and you say, 'oh, ok, I'll be astonished now.'"

You're so right.

I've never been to the Grand Canyon, but I've heard people say that they just gasp in amazement when they get near it's Bigness...they are astonished.

If we would 'get near' the glory of God by giving extra time and special consideration to His Greatness - especially in the Greatness of the Gospel - won't the astonished 'gasp' come a little more naturally? I mean, I've been in church services where it felt to me like they were trying to manufacture the astonished gasp (emotionally whip up the crowd) rather than just preaching the Gospel and letting that, in a more organic way, produce it's own astonishment in the congregants.

Thanks for saying that in the interview. Somehow it seems very important to me...