Monday, April 25, 2011

Nintendo DSes Have I None, But Such as I Have Give I Thee

The lastest quotable from the "Easter Cash and Prizes" brigade: "I have no problem bribing people with crap in order to meet Christ."

The only reason to justify such a thing is thinking it's a fair trade.

God have mercy.


Matthew Johnson said...

I didn't announce it beforehand, but I gave away two of the free TGC Bibles we got. I wasn't going to use them and I figured that at least two people would actually open a Bible during the Scripture reading.

While I was walking back to the front after handing out the second Bible, I overheard someone say, "At (a certain church in Fayetteville) they're giving away iPads."


Jared said...


Those of us on the critical side of these things should mention we are not opposed to giving gifts. I think it's awesome you gave nice Bibles away.

We gave John Piper's *God is the Gospel* to every household in our church.

It's the bribery, dangling carrot sort of approach to the gift-giving that is reprehensible. (No lost person will be lured to an Easter service for a Piper book or a Bible :-).

Chris said...

I read a little of the giveaway church's website and it was really, really bad. Direct quote "Our adult services aren't designed for young kiddos, so we don't allow anyone under age 5 in there. "


Jason Wert said...

You're lost person will show up with a bribe of a Piper book.

However, some Christians would.

Like me.

So let us know ahead of time next time, OK? It takes a while to drive to Vermont. :)

Bob Ford said...

For me, Simply put, this is plain evidence that this pastor does not believe "the gospel" is the power of God unto salvation. PLEASE show me, in the scriptures where Jesus used bribery to draw crowds and where did Jesus restrict children from coming into hear Him preach/teach? Did He not say "Suffer the little children to come unto me 'forbid them not.'" I smell something is running amiss there.

Bill said...


I'll be glad when the cash and prizes trend hits the dustbin.

Reading the comments thread of the article you posted demonstrated that the name of God was blasphemed because of the actions of the church.

Ron Reffett said...

Hey there Jared,
I find these things incredibly offensive and very, very sad...I live in Columbus Ohio and a very large church here in town was running ads on the local Christian radio station about their Easter services. I thought that I was hearing an ad for the lottery, there was no mention of the gospel, only how much money they were giving away, ipads and wait for it....A new car!!!!! totally unbelievable. May we repent and actually be the church and quit playing these silly games.
Ron Reffett

nhe said...

Our church did an alternative to this last week that I liked......people could turn in cards (with name/phone included) with "needs they have" and/or "needs they can meet" written on the card.

Throughout that next week, the church care ministry matched needs with people who said they could meet those lady got a car so that she could drive to work.....another lady got free physical therapy on her ankle - she has no health insurance.

I actually thought this was kind of cool.

Doug said...

Hey, if it helps just one person...

...then they needed better help.

God have mercy indeed...

Jared said...

nhe, that is cool. I think that's awesome.

Joe Fisher said...

I don't quite get the advertising on "Christian" radio. There is not a real attempt to reach the lost but rather steal sheep with cheap toys and gadgets. We still have this phenomenon to a lesser extent in the Hartford, CT area. Giving away ipods and what not. We meet at City Steam Brewery Cafe in downtown Hartford and ended up having a "free" brunch afterwards. We tripled our attendance and about half of the people there had never been to a worship service or hadn't attended in years. It was a great way to feast together on the Lord's day, fellowship and show hospitality to the sojourner.

Anonymous said...

Jared - what's the primary issue you see with tactics like these (bribery)? Although it reeks of huckster, snake-oil salesmanship, I've lacked a concise way to articulate the heart of what is *Biblically* wrong with this so far.


Bill said...

I know you asked Jared, but I thought I'd weigh in. The passage that comes to mind for me is this:

"For we are not, like so many, peddlers of God’s word, but as men of sincerity, as commissioned by God, in the sight of God we speak in Christ." 2 Corinthians 2:17

I think there's a real bait and switch going on here. "Come to church to win prizes" and then hopefully Christ will be sneaked in there somewhere.

Bob Ford said...

"Give aways" Why not keep them Biblical? Jesus certainly did give aways:
1. Dried fish
2. Bread
fyi, I'm just say'n...