Thursday, February 17, 2011

Facebook Note

Every day I receive friend requests on Facebook from folks I don't know. I assume these are spurred mainly through the blog or my books or what-have-you. First, please know I appreciate your wanting to connect. Secondly, please also know that it's nothing personal, but I have decided to limit my Facebook friends to people I either actually know in real life or at least have met once or connected with via the Internet for writing projects, etc.

I do, however, have a public Facebook page that anybody is welcome to "like." If you are interested in being Facebook friends with me, that is really the best place for us to connect. You can find it here:



travis said...

I just totally "liked" you.

Like that.

dac said...

I limit my friends to family - it's a great way to keep in touch across the country. Everyone else ... not that interested in you.

Matt said...

Yeah, I got defriended by you back when you made that decision. After working through that rejection with a professional counselor I feel once again ready to read your blog. Just kidding - I switched to "Liking" your page and it's been all good. Seems like a pretty reasonable philosophy for anyone with a degree of name recognition.

I am "friends" with the quarterback of my University's football team. One day he said something in his status along the lines of "If you 'like' my status and I don't know you, I assume you're some kind of stalker or something." My immediate thought was that he had the power to change that by doing exactly what you did.