Saturday, January 1, 2011

Like a Message from Heaven to His Soul

From Charles Spurgeon's autobiography (Vol. 1):
It was arranged that I should use the Surrey Gardens pulpit, so, a day or two before preaching at the Palace, I went to decide where it should be fixed; and, in order to test the acoustic properties of the building, cried in a loud voice, "Behold the Lamb of God, which taketh away the sin of the world." In one of the galleries, a workman, who knew nothing of what was being done, heard the words, and they came like a message from Heaven to his soul. He was smitten with conviction on account of sin, put down his tools, went home, and there, after a season of spiritual struggling, found peace and life by beholding the Lamb of God. Years after, he told this story to one who visited him on his death-bed.
Is the gospel power or what?


nhe said...

yes - that's massive power......what I like most about it is that Spurgeon didn't even mention "Jesus" by his given name.......there is only one name under heaven by which we our saved.....but He has many aliases - "Lamb of God" one of the chief among them.

Andrew said...

Absolutely incredible. Thanks for passing it along.

And by the way, not to take the slightest away from the power of the gospel- not even the littlest bit- but couldn't we also say something about the unique Spirit-anointing that Spurgeon seemed to have?

The beauty is that Spurgeon didn't waste that anointing. He knew what it was for: gospel proclamation. So the great power of the gospel went forth through the Holy Spirit's use of an obedient man.

Which only leads us to take the "gospel power" extrapolation one step further: a changed man, living in Spirit-empowered obedience to God, proclaimed the same gospel that saved him. And on the chain goes.

Andrew Faris
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