Saturday, January 8, 2011


Final version of the cover for my next book Gospel Wakefulness (Oct. 31, Crossway) released yesterday. The train track thing is a play off an illustration in the first chapter, and the whole vibe of the cover kind of reminds me of the (hardback) covers for Paul Auster's Book of Illusions or Travels in the Scriptorium. Which is a good thing.

Book is already available for pre-order:


Sam said...

That is a great cover!

Congratulations :)

cjbooth85 said...

Hey that's exciting! Congratulations Jared

Bird said...

Very cool!

Jason Wert said...

Dude! Ray wrote your foreward? That's awesome!

Zach said...

Gonna be the best Reformation Day in a loooong time!

Can't wait, and thanks again Jared!

Michael said...

This is a great cover, bro. Congrats.