Thursday, October 14, 2010

Law & Faith: A Suitable Order

The only option is to come as poor beggars, that we may be justified by faith. Not as if faith were a virtue proceeding from us, but we must come humbly, confessing that we cannot obtain salvation except as a free gift. This, then, is why the law is put in opposition to faith. Paul is showing us that all who claim to be acceptable to God by their merits are turning their back upon the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ. We shall study this at greater length hereafter.

A man may raise this objection: the law was given by God, so therefore it cannot be placed in opposition to faith, which also proceeds from God. The answer to this is simple. God made both the day and the night, water and fire, cold and heat. Surely, the day is not in opposition to the night, but rather God in his goodness and wisdom has arranged that they appear in a suitable order.

-- John Calvin, "Justification is By Grace Alone," sermon on Galatians 2:15-16

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Derek said...

Nice. Really like those examples of God-created order that at first glance might appear to be in opposition. Not so...just put in perfect order by our perfect God.