Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Photo Contest: Win a Copy of Your Jesus is Too Safe

(Blog reader/commenter Spencer wins a copy of my book Abide: Practicing Kingdom Rhythms in a Consumer Culture for his winning idea for this contest to give away a copy of my book Your Jesus is Too Safe.)

How to enter:

Take a picture of a place or area where Jesus is portrayed as "safe" or not like Christ at all. Show me your found safe Jesuses.

You can either submit your photo by posting at your blog or Twitpic or Flickr or what-have-you and providing a link in the comments,
You can submit your photo by emailing it to me at the address you see in the upper right sidebar profile.

Rules, etc.

Don't pass off photos you find online as yours. You must take the pic yourself. C'mon, that's not that hard.
Yes, you could probably successfully cheat by passing off a found photo online as your own, but don't do that.
If you're related to me, you can't play. Sorry.


Contest will end in roughly a week, or whenever I remember to end it.


ScriptureZealot said...

The Jesus in the clouds high above but not within us.



Jared said...

Matthew Kleinhans wins for his "Jesus meets Justin Bieber" submission.